Sunday, September 27, 2015

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

मेरा एक और उत्तर कुमार विश्वास को

कुमार विश्वास ने ट्वीट किया:
"तुम से बेहतर तो नहीं हैं ये नज़ारे लेकिन , तुम ज़रा आँख से निकलो तो इन्हें भी देखूँ"

तो मैंने भी उत्तर दिया:
संभल कर चलना ज़रा, आँख के आंसू से ग़म फिसलते हैं।
या तुम वो चले जो बंद आँखों से रस्ता ढूंढ लेते हैं ॥

Monday, September 14, 2015

I don't believe in Ghosts, but..

I am not insane, a little sleep deprived but definitely not insane and neither I believe in any out of worldly things that I can not explain either scientifically or by any practiced abstract science. Though what transpired in last 10 days was weird and strange enough - I think I experienced something Ghostly.

I like clean and antique things and usually end up buying it if I can afford it. I ended up buying this African Vase. It looked good matched with the color of our rest of furniture and I was attracted to it. We had a place for it and needed some more decoration so got a couple.

I have been working late lately and coming to bed only late in the night at times after 2AM. While calling the long day off as I slept in the bed with my wife and my kid both asleep I started playing Candy Crush, and suddenly felt a dark black figure in black drape with a little lighter face though still dark grey looking at me. It was the third day of me having only slept for three or four hours and I laughed at myself thinking if I was not believing on Ghosts.

As I checked my wife she was still asleep I felt something touched by a light gush of wind touching my arm by hair and with a sound "shoosh" gone. Yes I could sense something touched me and that figure was gone. I was not drowsy, neither sleepy but yes playing the game in dark and trying to sleep. I did not wake my wife and I did not tell her for next three days. I was not afraid and it did not scare me. I definitely thought it was just a wind coming out of the Window, hold on it was closed but still. I needed more sleep.

In the Morning I found this by the bed. It was part of this decorative piece I had bought that was put behind my Aquarium and in no way someone could have carried to the bedroom. Or may be somehow it did end up there I thought. I quietly took it and threw it out side our main door.

If I looked it now it does look like a figure with a face and if you spread the three legs as someone wearing a drape.

So far I somehow was laughing at myself and laughing at others who end up believing in Ghosts by a string of coincidences. I also told my wife after a couple of days and she suggested I throw the piece out. I did not.

Now what happened yesterday was weird and really strange. One of the two tube lights (brought together) started flickering and broke/fused by the late evening. The tube light is right behind where I had kept this piece I am talking about.

While I was working on my couch around 11PM while my floor fan facing me and a little towards this vase was when I saw the stems started shaking. It shook for good 3-4 seconds. Yes I am truthful not making it up. It shook but I did not check what could have happened. I thought one of the flowers might have fallen down or something. One of the tube lights was dead and I checked in the Morning all the flowers were intact.

Yes the wind from my fan could have done it, but this is a fan that I sitting just three feet away barely could feel much could possibly not shake a set of fairly rigid stems for that long. Once again the Windows were not open.

Now this was it. I told my wife about my experience and we all decided this was it. I disposed off the piece with its flower decorations. As I came back home, I still saw that three legged string by the main door. I threw it in the nearby shrubs and had a topic to blog.

Saturday, September 05, 2015

एक और शेर

काफ़िर वो नहीं जो बुत में खुदा देखे,
वो जो न देखे नूर-ए-खुदा इंसा में।