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I love you too

I love you

Monday, April 07, 2014

My quick Political analysis

Its the Big Boss month again! I mean its Indian elections that many of us still treat as a reality show. But this time it is different. There is no wave because a leader was assassinated. There is no wave because our democratic lifestyle was challenged. There is no wave because someone promised us a temple. This time its about feeling the pinch on matters that mattered the most. Its about frustrations that we could have done so much better but did not. It is about Billions that were siphoned off out right in front of our eyes. It is about being a leader with a vision or act like a CEO of a political corporation.
Again there are many leaders in the foray, some new and some old trusted, tested, rejected and accepted. One thing for sure with no psychological wave, electorates this time have clear opportunity to think straight and clear. Following is my assessment of leaders and parties and what pisses me the most about.
  • Bhartiya Janta Party
    • At any cost they should not have released dreaded terrorists like Masood Azhar. People lives in danger blah blah yes but they had ample opportunity to not let the situation slip off their hands before it became political gut impossible to handle if not its capacity.
    • Gujarat riot still haunts. Revenge in any context is not a good word to use. Protecting the lives of innocents is the utmost responsibility of a government and you lose a moral right to continue if you fail to do so. 
  • Congress
    •  Why did you screw it up so bad?
    • Rahul with no Gandhi surname has zero credentials. His sincerity does not justify the mess Congress created in last 10 years. 
    • They had a wonderful opportunity in MMS - An educated economy master, a Sikh, and a secular leader. His blind eye to what was happening and Gandhi family feet lickers belittled this Man to a point that he is now being ridiculed not just by opposition but by his own party members. Calling Rahul his replacement is the biggest slap on his face. He forgot he was a Prime Minister of India. He should have learned from Narsimha Rao on how to be a non-Gandhi leader in a Gandhi party.
    • I will be surprised if Congress or UPA ends up in a position to form the next government. Not this time at least.
  • Aam Aadmi Party
    • They should have not quit Delhi. Jan Lokpal in manifesto, no moral right to continue blah blah alright but no they had an opportunity in Delhi and they screwed it up. Either they should not have formed the government or if they did should not have quit it in haste. 
    • People are still looking for a level of administrative and political maturity from its leaders and they are being disappointed. Leaders who seem ineffective in managing their own domestic issues and losing effectiveness to connect with a bigger mass of people can how be trusted to run our foreign policies? 
    • They have not spelled any policy vision other than anti corruption and anti dynastic politics. They should know in India people have accepted good dynastic politicians in the past as long as they see them as delivering. Crusade against dynastic politics is not enough. It is better to have learned it from the family than to come on stage speechless and vision less.
    • Your win in Delhi was your biggest undoing. We know what you stand for. We knew it by last September. Repeating it again and again while your ineffectiveness in leadership is getting exposed every day is only annoying people.
    • They still have some good and passionate leaders so they better get their act together. It will be very easy for them to call it a quit saying oh we came together for blah blah and blame it on Kejriwal's leadership. This is a time to get serious.
  • Third front
    • Seen as a front with ego centric leaders and opportunists and political dalals for the lack of any better words. 
    • Has some real good leaders who know the ground realities and pulse but are wasted by a lack of national vision. 
    • They should have been doing what Aam Aadmi Party did. It is shame that a nascent AAP has given a better and more credible third front than the parties that called themselves the same for years. They lack sincerity.
    • Ideally they should suffer the biggest loss. Third front has failed the people of India more than ineffective governments. 

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

New Eienstein E = MC2

[E]go = [M]eanness * [C]omplexity * [C]onsternation