Friday, November 26, 2010

Five lessons from the last decade we are likely to forget in the next

1. Terrorism is evil for everyone.
2. Saving has no substitute.
3. War does not solve problems.
4. Political stupidity is shameless.
5. Peace does not mean justice. Its making brokers happy.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Where Naidu failed, Nitish succeeded

Bihar election results were stunning but not an eye opener. It was somewhat expected. Its a victory of sincere effort to govern over the same old caste based, psychological crap game so far played by Congress and RJD combined. Years ago when Chandra Babu Naidu lost the Andhra elections it was a shocking defeat. In spite of all the industry that Naidu succeeded in bringing in and bringing Hyderabad on a global map, the wealth did not reach the poor. Nitish kept the goals in sight and not necessarily in just impression building. It was not just Patna shining - Every city of the state has seen growth. Not every citizen may have an email address but they now do have roads to places they want to go to. Social and political situations in Andhra is very similar to Bihar and one lesson to learn is - "In the world of technology, it is very difficult to master people". Just don't lose the sight from the people.

Monday, November 08, 2010

A poem to salute soldiers fighting Militancy

(To the God almighty)
अभय दो अभय दो अभय दो अभय दो,
इस हिंसा की नगरी में मुझको विजय दो।
मैं सब कुछ हूँ छोड़ आया इनको बचाने,
इन मासूम बच्चों को ममता ह्रदय दो।
(A message to the enemies)
अगर अरि ये सोचे वो रण जीत लेगा,
इन भारत के बच्चों को वो मीन्झ लेगा,
तो सुन लो ओ बाग़ी संभल लो ज़रा सा,
इन सिंग्हो की गर्जन में तू होगा डरा सा,
जो नफरत की अग्नी जला तू चला है,
बुझा दो बुझा दो बुझा दो बुझा दो।
अभय दो मुझे तुम अभय दो अभय दो।
(Now a plea to terrorists)
जो घर तू है तोड़े वो तेरा ही घर है,
तेरी चीखों में तेरे ही बच्चों का स्वर है,
तेरा कुछ ना होगा जो भूला तू राहें,
जिन हाथों को तोड़े वो तेरी हैं बाहें,
हे इश्वर ओ अल्लाह अब इनको समझ दो।
अभय दो अभय दो अभय दो अभय दो।

Monday, November 01, 2010

I disagree with Nitish Kumar though I like him

Rahul Gandhi is a force to reckon with. Most non-congress state governments do not like him. So much so that they pass personal comments against him. No denying people do like him. Where ever he is going he is connecting with people and this is what worrying the state governments who may not be in immediate danger but as the grass-root shifts will be in dire need of survivability. That said I like Nitish Kumar. I am not from Bihar but have always been awestruck with its potential and sad for its painful state and hateful attitude of some parts of India towards its people. I also disagree with when Nitish Kumar asked Rahul Gandhi that he should become a CM first before targeting the PM post. Was this what Nitish Kumar had in mind? If so I warn him. India's history is very clear. Prime Ministers who had been CMs have miserable track record more so plain forgetful. All successful Prime Ministers were never been Chief Ministers of a state.