Friday, October 29, 2010

Yes we can! But,

I argued with my wife, stopped all noises in the room and delayed my dinner just to watch Obama's appearance in Jon Stewart show. At the end I was disappointed. I was disappointed not because I found him a bad President or what he did in last 18 months were any less than what was being done in entire presidential terms but because I saw a Man's hope who galvanized the entire world wavering. He just doesn't seem to be confident anymore. A person who just two years ago would have said - "Yes we can, absolutely! And we have to work for it and the goals we want to achieve would come and it is going to take some time as we are on the right track.." started his explanation with a "But!". Nope this was not Obama this country elected.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Arundhati Roy is not just Ignorant she is an Idiot!

Booker got one thing wrong - Arundhati Roy. She has been (or wants to be) in limelight for all wrong reasons. Her brush with stupidity started with her comments in support of Maoists and now her blabbering on Kashmir. People like hers should go learn and study history before trying to become a champion of subjects they talk about. Kashmir has always been an integral part of India or the ex-Greater Indian that includes the Indian subcontinent culturally and administratively. Kashmir historically has been a center of Sanskrut scholars and study. "History of Kashmir" was written in the 12th century by Kalhan. According to Mahabharath, Kambojhs ruled Kashmir. The place Peer-Panjal which is very much Kashmir comes from the word Panchaal (you know who Paanchaali was, don't you?). It has been under Mughal, Sikhs and Hindu rulers. What India she talks about? Here is some history -

  • Emperor Ashok founded ShriNagari (Today's Srinagar)
  • Akbar reclaimed Kashmir in 1588
  • Ranjit Deo (1780's)
  • Gulab Singh (1846-1857)
  • Ranbir Singh (1857-1885)
  • Partab Singh (1885-1925)
  • Hari Singh (1925-1949)
Republic of India historically has always been a federation of independent states very similar to today's Afghanistan. Communities fiercely independent and regional but all recognizing the border integrity of the country. If she dares why can't she go and ask Pashtuns if Nothern regions were not Afghanistan. May be she should have been on the east Bengal when the country was divided by the British. We will still be glad to swap her with Taslima Nasreen.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

इक और शेर

जब मिलने में हो मज़ा, तब क्या फर्क मैं था कहाँ?
जैसे ही आवाज़ आयी, रुक तो गया मैं था जहाँ।

इक छोटा सा शेर

कुछ वो पन्ने उड़ रहे थे,
कुछ कहानी खो रही थीं।
ग़र कलम मिलता न मुझको,
मेरी यादें सो रही थीं।

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Five professionals you should never trust completely

No I do not mean to offend anyone and you will find some real good folks out there but you need to be cautious when you work with these professionals because you for them is just someone to make money off of, and personally I have had trouble with.

  • Realtors - They are not there to help you really. They are there to make money off of you and as soon as they could. They would not or not allowed to discuss future projections and will never tell you why you should not buy one house. They will take you to the closing instead of telling next year market would be full of foreclosures.
  • Car Salesman - Very few car sales men will be truthful. There payments are mostly off of you too. You buy and they make money. They will sell you anything. They are not your friends. Always check with a few and then make your decision. Check with and before going to a dealer.
  • Independent Contractors - Be it plumbing issues or carpet installer. Be specially alert when you get one from craigslist. The moment they get a feeling you barely know anything about it they will drain your wallet. Check with Home Depot, Lowes and/or Ace hardware before talking to one.
  • Brokerage - If you could then do it yourself. Don't let them sell you some class of funds and stocks you don't understand. Typically each brokerage firm has preferred list and they will do their best to get you in. Research before signing.
  • Cab Driver - Many roads lead to the same destination. Off-peak time and they will do the best to take the longest. So check with the gps phone you have before you board.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Why Indian muslims should not feel second class citizens

Even though with some delays, the High Court has given its verdict on India's most controversial and complex case that involved faith, known and unknown history, emotions and a serious prospect of religious tensions. At the end the verdict acknowledged an existence of a Temple underneath the mosque, its usage both by Hindus and Muslims as a place of worship and land ownership by three contesting party. I and many Indians are very pleased by the decision as it did not turn out be a verdict of victory or loss. The shear fact that there exist a Temple underneath the place of content should be enough to respect it. There should not be any need to go to Supreme court. Babar or any of his lieutenant were no Islamic saints they were barbarians who could not see freedom of religious practice as a core essence of the country they migrated to. No one has to prove where Ram was born. And Muslims in India are as Indians as any of its Hindus and they reserve the right to same freedom that everyone enjoys. Now all the parties should come together and work towards an amicable solution that gives dignity and safety to all the citizen and a salute to the judges who tried to solve a problem of 483 years.