Sunday, February 26, 2006

The best cops

So there was a competition one day to find which country has the best police force. Four finalists were selected : Americans, Russians, Israelis and the Indians. The task was to find an elusive tiger in the dense forest of sunderban. Americans were the first. With all the high-tech gadgets and global positioning devices they figured out the tiger was possibly near a den towards the west. The time taken was 10 days. Good, but not better than the Russians who found the tiger's location somewhere close to a corses' of a deer. With the help of some satellite imaging they did it in just 8 days. That was tough but fell short to the well connected Israelis. Israelis were good to put listening devices all over the forest and monitored the tiger's movements. It took them just 5 days to mark the exact position of the tiger. It was too good to beat before the mighty Indian's went in. No communication for 5 days. Looked they lost to the Israelis. None of 8 either. Huh! third place? No! they were gone for 15, then 20 and then 30 days. Everyone was worried. Looked like as if they lost the way back or the tiger ate them alive. American's, Russians and the Israelies got together. After some searching, they found the Indian team all excitedly yelling near a tree. They had tied up a big bear to a tree and shouting "kabool tu sher hai.. kabool ki tu sher hai" (Admit you are a tiger.. Just admit you are a tiger).

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