Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Does thought have any language?

I know you can take this topic in any direction. Practical, philosophical or somewhere in between. The reason of me blogging is the constraints the Indians face in India on the career choices they have to make. I have rarely seen any professional books or atleast the quality ones which are written in any native language. Most of the Engineering (I can speak of Computers), medicine and management books are written in English (or not written in any other native language of the country). So, if you do not know English (?by Indian standards) or lack the capacity to learn it, its close to impossible to make such career choices. Management is the worst among these. I don't think in India you can get a management degree without knowing English. I am not an educationist and do not know what practical reasons there could be to apply such constraints. I do know though that a language itself (not its' literature) has no role to play how we think, we manage or make decisions. Then why should the Indian education system put such restrictions? Professional degrees should be agnostic to any certain language. If thats true with other countries then why not India?

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