Sunday, February 05, 2006

Hamid Karzai's realism

I saw an interview on BBC with Mr. Hamid Karzai the honorable President of Afghanistan. I like Hamid Karzai for his realism about his country. He discussed quite a few things but one question he kept avoiding. He was not clear if he would punish the people in his government known to be the human right violators. He said that it will bring more misery to Afghanistan if they kept bringing the past events in. Even though he was not clear on his verbage of what he meant but vey clear of his intent and his compulsions. He needs those people for the greater cause of the country and whose support is needed to keep off the bigger menace. On corruption he was very realistic too but also ensured that its' not there at the highest chair.

I am not from Afghanistan but still writing about it because relations between India and Afghanistan go beyond centuries. I like Mr. Hamid Karzai because he is handling his responsibilities against all the odds. And also, I see Afghanistan as India of the 17th century. Independent princely states fighting each other and the foreign nations taking advantage of it, similar to what we see in Afghanistan today. Tribes fiercely fighting each other but still recognizing the boundaries of the country. India has a much bigger role to play - not as a regional power but as a friend who had suffered similar scenarios and how they pulled themselves out of it. In India at the time of independence we were blessed with two gems - Nehru and Sardar Patel - the ying/yang couple. When Nehru used his appeal to the masses, Patel used his convictions. I think Mr. Karzai is missing his yang counterpart and his biggest task now is to have one. I wish him and his country good for the future.

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