Saturday, February 11, 2006

Do it yourself - sequel

If you can do it, do it yourself. This is a sequel to my old blogs Is vendor support a myth? and Will you buy a free product? but this time with a real story. The sump pump at my house was not working and I had no knowledge of how its installed or what it takes to get it fixed. Called a plumber who sensed my gullibility and gave an estimate of $604 with a coupon of $25 (what a help!). I had been in this situation before and I knew there was something wrong. Went to Home depot and found a sump pump for $75. Talked to some help and came back to get it done myself. With taxes $87 and 15 mins of my own labor. Is it not similar to the software development too? If you can build the expertise by partenering with the open source communities I am sure teams/companies can build there own applications. Money saved? I will leave the extrapolation to your imagination.

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