Friday, February 17, 2006

There was a king...

So there was a king. He went hunting and in search of a gazelle went deep inside the dense forest. His troops lost him and worried as he left his food and water behind. Suddenly in an abrupt storm he lost his way back home. The situation worsened when a tree branch fell over his legs. Unable to walk with a broken leg, frustated, depressed and hungry the king was in a dire need of help. A group of squirrels were watching him as he fell and broke his legs. They knew he needed food to survive. It was their territory and they knew where to find it as it was hidden beneath the dead leaves at a stones throw from where the king fell. One kind squirrel decided to help him out. Went to him and ran towards the food and came back. Did it again and again to help the king find the food. Already dying with hunger, amazed and quite annoyed with this gesture the king could not figure out what this commotion was. But the king was intelligent and the real survivor. He took his sword and threw it on the squirrel. The king thanked his angels as he ate the dead squirrel. The king survived and the next morning his troops found him. Way back in his kingdom, he narrated the story and thanked the squirrel for his sacrifice to save his life. He made Squirrel the national animal.

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