Wednesday, August 09, 2006

15 years of web and my entanglement

Saw these sites with details on the last 15 years of web. @BBC and @Sun. Nice to see how a once nascent technology changed the whole world. So what was my progression in this web?

1996 - Graduated as a Computer Engineer. Had heard about such a network but had never seen one.
1996 - Asked to work on my first Java applet. The applet was slow and flaky.
1997 - Created my first HTML page(s) and deployed on a CERN webserver.
1997 - Developed my first ever CGI driven web application.
1998 - Developed first virtual reality driven data acquisition system.
2000 - Developed the Login, Registration and Subscription modules for a start-up dot-com.
2001 - Worked on first large scale web based quoting application.
2002 - Sad with the performance of Netscape4.x and felt happy with Opera
2003 - Moved to external portal group for Sun Microsystems.
2003 - Wrote my first NSAPI plugin.
2003 - Got introduced to webservices.
2004 - Started writing blogs.
2004 - Wrote a critical Webservice API to integrate [look at the dynamic product listing] with
2004 - Led a team and developed one of the external portals for Sun Microsystems.
2005 - Saw the portal being EOL'd.
2006 - Welcoming AJAX.
2006 - Still where is my eternity?

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