Wednesday, August 16, 2006

How to blog...

I want to blog about pure technical stuff but usually do not do it. I like writing business sortta blogs and sure do not know how to write them. And my personal blogs end up me being the only one appreciating it. Is there a class I can attend on how to blog? Jonathan?

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michael said...

come on, i think its not easy in technic related blogs to blog, there are so many available on the net. business related are rarely interesting. and personal ones, its a matter of writing style. my personal ones no one read except close friends. but then i decided to blog about bollywood on german, and here we go. the less blogs with the same theme are available, the more is the chance to be read. but also its not easy. if i dont blog for three days many people stop reading. i can see it in my statistics. so never mind, all the most of blogging is having fun writing the blog. then find some blogs with equal themes, comment there and people will come to you. thats my experience.

many greetings