Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Six sigma to solve terrorism

The division of a problem has proved itself one of the basis for all the high performance algorithms. From all the dos and donts from six sigma one which has stuck to my mind is how it encourages to rate (divide) people. Top 10% - the high performers, 70% - the average performers who you need to run the company, 10% who are misplaced and need serious mentoring and the last 5% who need to go. (BTW, I think six sigma is 20-70-10 and sun sigma is 10-70-10-5 but thats not the point). Can we solve the problem of terrorism with six sigma then? In any community there are only about less than 5% of people who have either the mindset of a terrorist or are physical supporters and who need to be found out and either removed or dealt with strongly. The 10% are the ones who are disillusioned. They are disillusioned of lack of proper leadership and mentoring. If continued, these are the people who are more likely to fall in the last 5% but not necessarily, all they need is a right direction. The majority of any community are the average people who deal with day to day problems and are trying to earn their living with respect and dignity. This 70% of the people needs to be given the right environment to thrive and the leadership which can encourage them to grow positive. And last but not the least the top 10% who are the leaders and need the states' major focus. The perception of a country is driven by these top 10%. They may not be the political leaders of a community but common people of the society who are doing exceptionally well. There are pitfalls but if this division is fair there is no reason why a state cannot be run successfully as the six sigma has run the top companies.

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