Monday, August 28, 2006

Indo China comparison

Its a talk of this decade - the two new economic and military powerhouses. There are a lot of similarities between these two nations. Foremost these are the two oldest civilizations of the world. Second they were subjected to colonization. Third Budhha himself. Fourth both have a strong middle class driven economies. You get to read a lot of perspectives of people on who would succeed or overtake the other. The reality is they both have to learn a lot from each other and the western world. Lets see how they stand head-to-head?

Why is China better than India?
1. Very strong infrastructure.
2. Strong manufacturing industry.
3. Strong immigrant population in the western world that have been successful to affect the political decisions.
4. Relative peace on its' borders.
5. People look in their history and the civilization for answers for its' future.

Why is India better than China?
1. Strong democratic values.
2. States are relatively independent to encourage their own foreign investments.
3. English speaking people. Because of the culture that has always encouraged multiple languages to co-exist, the acceptance of foreign language like English was never been an issue.
4. Open internet.
5. Strong entrepreneurial mindset of the middleclass.

Lesson for China - Trust your people and your system. Open the internet.
Lesson for India - Invest in the infrastructure and energy, your success rely on them.

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