Sunday, August 13, 2006

The pleasure of being iPodless

It started as a rebellion but has now turned into a pleasure I am enjoying - The joy of being iPodless! First I never justified the pricetag on a iPod. Why to pay 300 some bucks for a mp3 player? Haven't I paid $1000+ for my laptop already? Second, I love to be online, connected or if possible try to be infront of my computer. So finding my iPod moment is difficult anyway. My headphone and the realplayer on my computer does that job already. Third, if I decide to ever get a player I would rather choose from other mp3 players. Players with same features and less price. Fourth, I choose to find my own ways. Cults which the iPod owners have started to form are not for me. Oumph I do not belong here - I have a iPod. So I have started feeling different that guy who did not follow the trend.

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