Saturday, December 01, 2007

At the time of Thriller

Can't believe it has been 25 years since the Thriller came out and made Michael Jackson a Pop-God. I did not hear that music the same year though. I rarely listened to any 'western' music then. But even without internet, Cable or mp3s what a reach that music had, heard it in '84 during a school fare and what a ecstatic moment that was! My first introduction to a music world beyond the shores of Bollywood. This RnB killed all other forms of music as the hip-hop returned the favor later - for a short while. And then came a series of copy cat songs in bollywood produced by some junk music producers. A new beginning of trashy music in India that lasted almost a decade inflicted further by the death of Kishore Kumar in mid 80's. But the melody is back in Bolly and Michael remains one of the most well-known faces of pop/RnB and an icon of many Hip-Hop artists. Michael is gone and oblivious to the current world. Media's trick of isolation, expectation and pushing to the edge has worked on yet another artist and remains an unpunished culprit. Either way, a salute to Thriller and Michael for the profound affect they had on how we heard our Music.

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