Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The dream of being a Daaroga

This was an interesting true story I came across, inspirational as well equally funny. So let me blog it:

There was a small village that had a Thana (A Police Station) near by. The villagers were mostly laborers and illiterate, including the family which this story is about. The parents were very fascinated by a Daaroga (The Police In-charge) for his power, clout, lifestyle and the respect he demanded and unequivocally got. The Daaroga controlled the truth. Nothing was possible if he said 'no' and his 'yes' was a command from the God, what we see in a typical western cow-boy movie. The parents wanted their Son to be a Daaroga - Their ultimate dream. From an early age they sent him to a near-by City to his Aunt's for his education. With the inspiration of the Parents on his side, the boy was good in studies. After his graduation he successfully qualified for the Civil services and became a Commissioner. During his training (before the posting) he visited his Parents in the village. Even though happy, he did not find any relief on their faces. Something was missing and he was not sure what? As if their dreams were not fulfilled. The news of him becoming a Commissioner had spread fast. One day, the Daaroga came running to visit his family and to introduce himself. An usual arrogant Daaroga looked humble as he paid his respect to the Commissioner and his Parents. First time in their life had anybody shown any respect to them. They were not only happy but relieved. We didn't know a Commissioner was bigger than a Daaroga, said the deeply touched Father.

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