Friday, December 07, 2007

Review of Aaja Nachale

Aaja Nachale - A weak movie.

1. The teacher and Madhuri more seemed working for a third rated Circus instead of a Kala-Kendra where Art is worshiped. She seems for 'Sanskruti' but what kind of songs did she dance on?

2. Madhuri acted like a typical Indian who live here in US and think they are the better Indians just because their 'Rs' are more twisted.

3. Her first speech to the people of Shamli was a fiasco. No power, no substance.

4. The director could not decide if Shamli is a small village or a decent town.

5. The half hour Laila-Majnu drama was better than the rest of the movie.

6. Even though this can not be a come back movie but Dance in bollywood is back.

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