Thursday, December 27, 2007

Making of a leaderless country

The entire world should be shocked by the Assassination of Benazir Bhutto and salute her courage and dream of making Pakistan a country with Moderate Islamic values. In fact she is not the first leader to be assassinated. This time the entire world should take notice though. If we are finding difficult to deal with a rag-tag leaderless Taleban, think what you will have to deal with one nuclear capable one? She was the first Pakistani leader who was widely respected in India too for her courage to work towards normalization of relations between these arch rivals. Two young leaders of their times - Rajiv and Benazir did give the hope to the entire region that these two countries can be friends. They both are gone, sacrificed to the menace of terrorism.
It is important that the entire democratic world stand behind the democratic forces in Pakistan. Benazir was one of the very few faces left who believed in a Democratic Pakistan. That dream has moved miles farther. With Nawaz Sharif virtually inactive, Benazir gone and Musharraf acting as an American representative but a leader, Pakistan is in a making of being a leaderless country.

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