Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Dog vs Monkey

There is an allegation that Bhajji called Andrew Symonds a Monkey during the second Cricket Test. There are no "proofs" as no one else heard it but Symonds, the charge Bhajji denies. "If" it was said in a bad taste then Bhajji deserved what he got. If not then then this is a start of a very bad blood between these two cricketing teams. Said it or not, but does anyone remember the Cartoon showing Pakistan as a Dog to the American Army? A lot of voices we heard in support of that sketch based on what a "Dog" means to this culture - A very loyal and close friend. These voices not only came from America but from Australia too. Remember? Remember? I know these incidences are not connected but I am curious where those voices are in Australia today that supported the "Dog" comment as being okay. If Dog is good in one culture how come Monkey should be challenged in the other? For the Pete sake, Parents call their Kids Monkey on their mischiefs what a big deal? Professionalism is not just about winning, its losing gracefully too. The world respected the Australian Cricket team for years for what they have achieved. That respect now is at risk.

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