Monday, January 21, 2008

The magic of Brahmastra - A story of Clinton

Folks who are familiar with Ramayana and in general Hindu mythology would know about a weapon called Brahmastra. Brahmastra means: Brahma's weapon (Astra in Sanskrut). This is a weapon that never fails but what matters is what for, how and where it is used. Also they are not in plenty - just one and once used it goes back to its real owner Brahma. Indrajeet, the son of king Ravana had one. Before going to war that Brahmastra had to be used otherwise it could have been used against Rama. Shree Hanuman plotted its use by Indrajeet much before they go to war. He used it on Shree Hanuman with an intention to capture and humiliate him. A powerful weapon used to fulfill a pity ego.
Enough said about the story. Bill Clinton happens to be a Brahmastra in Hillary's presidential bid. A person that carries so much of respect not only by American democrats but the entire world. It was important how and when did Hillary use him? And she used him at the wrong time. His rhetorics against Obama, his fairytale comments and that too this early in the primaries not only had very little effect but has now at risk of being permanently neutralized. From now on what Bill says will have lesser and lesser affect. Hillary's goal is not just winning a few primaries but to go all the way. She just hit the panic button and that too this soon. Imagine what Bill could have done when Edwards had pulled out and from then taking straight on Obama and later finishing off the republican candidate. A powerful weapon just being wasted.

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