Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Pak not hunting Osama - So where did the Billions go?

Revelation: According to Pakistan's President Musharraf, Pakistan is not hunting Osama. So lets do a little math:
1. US didn't have any problems with Taleban only if they had relinquished Al-Qaida.
2. US invaded Afghanistan not in search of Taleban leaders but in search of Al-Qaida leaders.
3. US pumped in billions of dollars to Pakistan to help them for what?
4. Musharraf's priority is to hunt down Taleban entrenched in Pakistan. Al-Qaida don't matter.
5. Taleban is important for Mr. M because they threaten his government now. Al-Qaida don't matter.
So why don't they fight Talebans themselves? Why should US send in any more Tax payer's money to them when their priority is different from US'? Why should US residents risk foreclosures when their hard earned money is being burnt in some remote inhabitable mountains?

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