Friday, January 11, 2008

The truth about Nano

Tata, Cheap, India - No I am not talking about off-shoring. This is Tata Nano a new $2500 car specially targeted for four member middle class families in India who hitherto could only afford to drive scooters with two kids and the wife on it. Its the price that is the catchiest of all - The world's cheapest car on road. This car also reminds the world of a middle class who so far have been hidden under the shadows of the glimmer and shine of recent economic success the country has enjoyed. A wall around four wheels for some protection that the scooter is so infamous for besides the pleasure of owning a Car that still a distant dream for millions. All said, one thing that this car should not claim to be is being the cheapest car of the world. Cheap? Is it even road worthy in some of the other countries? A total of 33BHP, no airbags and a top speed of just 65mph does not qualify it on many roads including that of the World's biggest auto market - America. But its okay if its not street legal on US roads, it is perfect for millions of Indians. It is not meant for America. Just drop the "Cheapest" claim and enjoy the ride.

btw, one of my friend pointed out this still being the cheapest car in the world. It just happens that no other company ever targeted this segment.

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