Sunday, January 06, 2008

Steve Bucknor is a jerk..

..And he has a history of giving wrong decisions against Indian' batsmen. Winning and Losing is a part of the game. But losing because of continuous bad decisions deserves a kick on this Umpires' @$$. Oz.. you did not win your record 16th.. Mindless SB gifted it to you!

And Indians: You did not deserve to win but yes did not deserve to lose this way either. In fact the second test was India's if the Umpires had some open eyes and alert ears. On the other hand, In all the four innings this had become a repetition: Jaffer out early (Replace him), Dravid slow as hell, A few struggles in the middle (If they succeed), Yuvraj totally useless in 5-day matches, Bhajji and Kumble managing to harass and then quick wickets at the end. This is not how a strong Test team plays. This series has exposed where Oz's weaknesses lie, so work on it.

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