Wednesday, April 15, 2009

India - Go and Vote

My sister a Civil Servant has been ultra busy for past two months - 7 days a week, 9 hrs a day, no vacation no public holidays to get the election logistics in her city ready. Keeping records, Computerization, testing each electronic voting machine and tons and tons of reviews and tests. So much effort has gone into making this noble right succeed. People who do not know it takes a lot of energy, effort and your tax money to conduct Elections so its your duty to go out and vote. Choose one and the right one, the one you believe is right to fulfill your aspirations. State can not afford to conduct elections again and again so choose wisely that the government is formed for full five years. Slap those who say "None of the above" should be an option on a ballot paper. Neither the government, nor the state instrument nor you can afford it. Listen to your inner voice and Just go and vote. Make Indian democracy a success again.

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