Monday, April 27, 2009

My Sis' reasons why BJP is better

Nuclear deal:
The stage was set by Atal. Anyone could have done it. It was done because US was willing to do it. Congress did not do anything special that BJP could not have done.
Kandahar episode:
Did anyone ask Congress what would they have done if Rahul Baba was in the same plane?
Mumbai terror attack:
No one suppose to talk about CS Station where 57 people died. Everyone is talking about Taj which was at the center of international attention. Are lives of common people cheaper? What was their preparedness? How come a few terrorists walked free for so many hours and held the entire nation hostage for three days? Why was response so late?
Kasab/Afjal Guru:
Why is Afjal not hanged yet when Supreme Court has already convicted him? Why is plea bargain still pending? Why has home ministry not forwarded anything to the President's office yet? About Kasab - He is captured on video. If he is found to be 17 would they keep him in a juvenile detention center?
Zero leadership:
India needs a strong leadership. South Asia is in mess. India needs a leader like Indira Gandhi an internationally aggressive personality not a weak person who seeks permission from a family to do anything.
Rahul as PM - You kidding me?
Congress is trying to project Rahul or Priyanka as a Prime Ministerial candidate. This cannot be accepted.
National progress:
BJP and Congress are the only two parties who would not slow down the national progress. Its about the speed of it. Third front is a mess. They don't fight on issues but do seat calculations. Third front has stronger allies of Congress and they impede our progress.

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