Saturday, April 11, 2009

Why is third front a disease India needs to get rid of?

Third front as it stands today constitutes of a bunch of parties that have aligned themselves with either of two main political platforms in the past. BJD and TDP with BJP, SP, RJD and Left with Congress, and so is AIADMK and switching their coalition for the other at a convenient time. Make no mistake some of these parties are great regional powers but their agenda is at a state level but unfortunately with a spineless national policy. These are also the parties that most likely will engage in horse trading at the end of elections. NDA has announced Advani and UPA Manmohan Singh as its Prime Ministerial candidates. Who is from this gutless third front? India has suffered most when we saw four/five PMs one after another by this loosely coupled groups of regional parties. India can not afford it no more. The essence of a successful Republic is strong representation of regional expectations. Either provide a third front with a totally different ideological agenda or just abolish it. India cannot afford to let these parties steal away their regional parliamentary seats and then play Ministry trading in the center and pull the nation to its political dark ages. Whatever they say their own agenda is no different from the common minimum program of either UPA or NDA then why waste our precious time? This no-agenda-political-front is a disease that India has to soon get rid of.

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