Thursday, April 02, 2009

Varun in Tytler out

Jagdish Tytler has been acquitted for the lack of evidence for his role in 1984 riots in Delhi against Sikhs after Indira Gandhi's assassination. This remains one of the few blots that India had to live with for decades and as a nation that it remained ashamed of. Tytler may not have any role or was mistaken or framed, I don't know but by what victims had to say or saw it seemed very much likely that he did play some role. Ironical, isn't it? So a man has been acquitted even though people saw him participating and directing mobs but Varun Gandhi has been slapped NSA because he said what he should not have said. Both are equally reprehensible but harsh treatment for one and letting the other go does not sound right, does it? It is said justice delayed is justice denied. 25 years gives enough time for powerful figures to coarse the evidences to make them doubtful to be not be able to be used against them. Could this be the case? Either way, Its lucky for him to be living under the free sky and fresh air but if he was responsible and still left with any shame or guilt he should leave all political and public office. If he was not responsible then I congratulate him on his acquittal. May the victim's soul rest in peace and who ever was responsible should soon meet them in heaven.

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