Tuesday, October 27, 2009

BJP must have done something real bad to be rejected like this

So it looks like when it comes to elections, the story BJP is hearing is the same again and again. There must be something new brewing in electorate's minds these days. Aren't these the same guys who got carried away with religious sentiments just a few years back? So what has changed since? We still go to Churches, Gurudwaras, Temple and Mosques. Aren't we Hindus or Muslims any more? So why are we rejecting BJP and beating it like this? There is a reason and the reason is BJP can't seem to see the new realities of India and if they can see it they can't seem to find a leadership who can promise and deliver new frontiers for the nation. Otherwise Mumbai where one of the worst security lapse occurred and caught the state and federal (Congress) governments totally off-guard still would not have rejected the nationalist BJP/Shiv Sena combined. Congress with its new astute and young leadership has seems stuck a chord with this new India. They are struggling to solve problems but still seems sincere to resolve them. Its the truth in their tone which now is making it a "party with a difference". BJP has failed and it has failed in numerous ways. LK Advani has become Kapil Dev of politics. Sitting at the leadership role for as long as possible, not delivering and not allowing new blood to take over either. Kapil was sensible as he knew how much to extend and when to throw in the towel. Advani seems struggling with it. RSS who knows how to disassociate themselves from BJP are only pretending to be a separate entity. They are not. If RSS had an answer BJP would not have been in this quagmire. The disciplined party workers of BJP were never so disciplined after all. In fighting has taken over their regional units and this list goes on and on. At the end by now BJP should see they have been outright rejected in a shape they stand today. When it comes to Congress the truth is we only consider to vote them out when we get disenchanted with its leaders not because we love the other option. And if they continue to do what they are doing I see no reason why even in future elections there will be any new challenges for them.

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