Saturday, October 03, 2009

Bollywood still has in it

Movies have become my pastime. Not a junkie first day guy but thats how I refresh my mind. After a series of disappointments I had stopped watching too many Hindi (Bollywood) movies. Once in a while I watched one that was different but not something that touched me for long, but getting three in a row was something unheard of. Last two weekends it happened and I am impressed. First watched Baabar and this was one movie that gave me dark dreams. With relatively heavy violence that blended well with the plot gave me dreams of me shooting others with blood in my hands. I was impressed. Second I watched - Kaminey. Shahid Kapoor in a double role playing low level operator of Mumbai underworld turned out to be its realistic portrayal. Good acting covered for a few patchiness and songs were not bad either. I always had a soft corner for dark movies. Having watched pretty much all of DeNiro and Al Pacino's also loved movies like Satya, Shool and Sehar. So may be two in a row was not that surprising. And then the hat-trick came about with Fashion - Another Bollywood creation. Fashion is based on life of Mumbai's modeling industry. From the beginning I held my breath that the plot was about to falter. No, it did not. The movie had no gun shots and none of those things but I felt I was watching a Hollywood creation. Three in a row impressive films has certainly shaken my perception of Hindi Cinema. Good going. I am back!

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