Friday, October 09, 2009

Why I don't watch football and what the heck it has anything to do with Obama's Nobel peace prize?

I am interested in things that I feel I could do with practice and perseverance. I may not succeed in Cricket professionally or Poker or Tennis or any other sports but at least I feel after 10 or 20 years of regular dedicated practice I can at least stand confidently. futball is the only sport that I am certain even if I spend the rest of my life practising I can never become a muscular giant who can physically push and willing to hit and jump on others. I can never become that and is the only reason that dampens my interest in this game. Futball has shut its door on me. Now prizes are something similar. If I am being put in a right direction by my Mentors and I study hard and experiment and read every book this world has ever written and may be just may be a Billion in a one shot that I could get a Nobel prize in Chemistry but for Peace? No way. Irrespective of a fact that I spend rest of my life in war zones affecting people not to take up arms and kill others, or risk my own to save one or spread the power of spirituality or anything that I could do to make this world a better place to live, I cannot get a Nobel peace prize. Unlike the past, this prize is now reserved for Presidents and those who have a chance to become one. Obama had a chance to get it. Not because he made this world any more peaceful but he became a President who ousted a school of thought that initiated one of the bloodiest wars of recent times. War is still raging in Iraq and Afghanistan, Israel and Palestinians are still logging horns. Iran has become stronger. War has now officially escalated to interior Pakistan and the world is still no safer than it was eight years ago. It seems Peace has changed its definition. Someone once told that the inner strength of your faith can be channelized to achieve peace. By not raising a finger to those who are hitting you on your head you can achieve the peace. By looking straight into the eyes with love of those who have drawn guns to kill, you will achieve the peace. And that Man Gandhi never got the Nobel peace prize. Either he was above its stature or the meaning of peace was different then. Congratulations to Obama for that five person committee to see you a new age Gandhi. But like Futball, Nobel peace prize too is out of my reach not because I cannot learn the rules but because it is now judged on an unacceptable level of scale.

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