Friday, March 23, 2007

And whats next?

Thanks to Lankans for showing where the Indian cricket team belongs. Thanks to Kiran More and Chappel for creating all the controversies India needed in the midst of the "team preparation" and destroying the winning attitude. Thanks to Harper for some very patchy umpiring helping India's exit from the world cup. Thanks to Dravid's uninspiring captaincy for not letting the team know what they have to do. Thanks to Vengasarkar and all those in the selection committee who did not know who to select. Thanks to Jharkhand for providing free land to Dhoni for his mansion so that his fat @$$ could not score a single run in two critical games. So whats next? Sachin, Saurav and Kumble are set to retire. Dravid will retire before 2011 too. Its pretty much an end to Bhajji's career. It would have been better if John Wright was continued after 2003 and had hired a bowling coach instead. But with all these assumptions and could have should have, some folks have to answer some very hard questions, Chappel included Chappel included and Chappel included. I am sure BCCI still has tons of money to waste on pricey coaches with no coaching credentials and too many selectors who worry more on representations than selections. The question remains.. Whats next?

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