Wednesday, March 07, 2007

UP a black spot in India shining

UP (Uttar Pradesh) the place where Taj Mahal is, once on a path of glory and development is now the most backward state in India. Even the "infamous" Bihar has attracted more foreign and industrial investment than UP. The irony is, in the state of Gujarat, the architect of India's worst religious riot of recent times has been successful in getting over $100 billion of direct investments. The daily messages of "low crime rate in UP" broadcasted on Television is ridiculous. Since Holi itself - the festival of colors, the state has witnessed daring murders around the city center in the state capital. The condition of roads and traffic in the heart of the city (Charbagh Railway station) is pathetic. Pollution, dirt, lack of clean water and sanitation even in the state capital is simply not acceptable. Corruption is rampaging and aloofness of the political leaders is bringing the state down to its knees. The Nagnath vs Sanpnath scenario (Viper against Cobra) leaves no choice for the state electorate. It feels sad and sorry for this place once the center of freedom struggle.

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