Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Thanks Lankans.. but,

Thanks to Lankans, Bangladesh Cricket Team is shown where they belong and how to win against the minnows. The way Lankans have played, there awaits a huge task for the Indians to qualify. Here is the Indian team psyche' before they launch their next mission:

Sehwag: Oh God people are looking at me again!
Uttapa: I think they over estimated me.
Ganguly: I don't care about the win. I am here to justify my re-introduction.
Tendulkar: I am trying but my jaws are too old to chew.
Dravid: Hmm how should I blame others for my weak captaincy.
Dhoni: What happened to my blind shots?
Agarkar: Please I am not the strike bowler.
Munaf: Am I not too young to bear the burden?
Zaheer: Why is not my county records in sync with the WC
Bhajji: Am I playing? Oh no!
Yuvraj: May be in two years I will be the captain.
Kumble: I should retire. I should retire.
Karthik: Hey Kaif! Whats up man? I found a new beach here. Team? Are they playing today?

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