Friday, March 23, 2007

[Sequel] What's next?

Who ever I talked to after India's (yet another) humiliating defeat I heard one common sentiment: Punish them! Thank goodness none of them were barbaric enough to harm the physical security of the team. With the kind of emotions running, it was a relief to hear. So, what should be done? Would any or some of these work?

1. Stop all the discretionary benefits to the members of this cricket team.
2. Boycott all the products advertised by the failed members of this cricket team.
3. Clip the financial wings of BCCI.
4. The team selection should be transparent, on a point system and domestic and county performances.
5. Coach and selection committee should be held responsible.
6. Extravagant spending on prize money should be blocked.
7. Governmental awards should be on the set goals not on the past performances. Achievement awards are different though.
8. Control the number of international tournaments the team plays.
9. Heavily tax the earnings from the advertisements. Create a new tax section to keep an eye on these earnings.
10. Three bad consecutive performances and the player should be removed from the national team.


Pri said...

Stop buying products endorsed by the cricketers?? Um then we'd have to start making our own toothpaste, petrol, jam, bikes etc...
I do like your point system idea.

ashish said...

Do you think the industry is foolish enough to let us make our own toothpaste? It will be much easier for them to let these (bade balon wale) suckers go instead.