Saturday, March 17, 2007

What is Chappel's contribution?

India is handed a humiliating defeat by Bangladesh. From the very start nothing went right for India. It raises some serious questions on Chappel, Vengsarkar and Dravid's abilities. What was Greg Chappel's contribution to Indian cricket? Nothing. His experiments never ended and did not culminate in producing the best team to play in the world cup. Look at what Dav Whatmore has produced. A team which has stuck to the basics and has played some phenomenal cricket. On the other hand, Chappel lost his way. Why is Sehwag playing in the team? Where is Kaif and Raina in spite of playing so good in the domestic circle. Why was not Irfan tried against Bangladesh? Remove Sehwag, bring back Kaif, Raina and Powar. Promote Dhoni to number 3. If Irfan is meant to bowl then Sehwag is for batting. It seems they are having some role reversals. The current Indian team sucks. Is it too late to bring Ganguly back as captain? I think its time for Greg to leave. The team which has lost to Bangladesh does not deserve to be in last four. Period.


Pri said...

At least we won by a semi decent margin today. Call me greedy but they should have gotten 500. Sehwag seemed happy just to get a century. He probably wasn’t even thinking of a 200 [which was so doable today] Even after that I was sure they’d get at least a 300 run lead but as usual after taking 6-7 wickets they fall asleep barely managing the 250 run minimum requirement to get to SL’s NRR. Anyway for a team that just lost to Bangladesh 400 isn’t too horrible.
My take here

ashish said...

Rightly said. At one point 500 or close looked achievable. By the way Dhoni is a new point of concern. He was responsible for the loss to Bangladesh (foolish shot and two dropped catches) and his innings against BER was no impressive either. I wish Kaif was there. By the way liked your take.