Friday, April 20, 2007

Fairwell to Lara

Lara announced his retirement today from all form of international cricket. He will for sure be remembered as a Legend of Cricket. The timing was perfect as West Indies now need some fresh blood to lead. The record of unbreakable 400 test inning runs will always keep Lara alive in the cricket records book. Even though he failed to pull a good chance of winning the 2007 world cup in his home soil, but his legacy is too strong to be forgotten. Interestingly there were so many retirements announced from the teams who remained unimpressive in this world cup. Inzamam, Lara and Kumble to name a few. Even though I was expecting a few more "should bes" from the last Indian team but what else would you expect from a team full of shameless clowns? Some folks just don't understand the decency in retirement. Anyways, Saludo to Mr Brian Lara for all his contributions to the game of cricket. I hope he will continue to inspire others in his innings and his retirement.

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