Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Will Prabhat respond to me?

While randomly searching on Google, I found the email address of Dr. Prabhat Ranjan a UC Berkeley alumni who also figured in my fav five list. I worked with him a number of years back and who also mentored me on my first project of my first job (Yes in Java1.0). Even though I never told him so but I admired him to the tip of my nails. He was my first "wow - what a person" guy. He is now a Professor in a technology institute in India and I guess spreading the Linux culture in schools. I still remember him working with 30 diskettes of Linux and updating Linux kernel and doing I don't know what. It was the time when there was no gnome and no Ubuntu and me just out of the school. May be it was his Berkeley background for his love for Unix. He was my first Linux guy. So I sent him an email today asking if he still remembers me. I expect a response but yet to see if it will be "Oh yes!" or "Oh yeah I think I remember you". Good stuff.


Pri said...

This reminds me of that time i wrote to Santa. Well hopefully u get a response.

ashish said...

Yes I got the response and amazingly he remembered me and the project I did with him. He also sent me a detailed explanation of what he has been working on too. May be he is a Santa ;)