Saturday, April 21, 2007

My earnings with adsense

I had registered my ezSaid with Google Adsense. A good service with a hope of extra earnings. So after a few months I log in to my account and see a mighty 3cents earnings in total. May be it did not even come from someone clicking the ads but donated by Google to make my account look good ;). Then I thought what it is worth and what can be done with it? I went to a currency conversion website and found that 0.03$ amounts to over 6 SDD which is the Sudanese Dinar. I think 6 sudanese dinars should be good enough for one loaf of bread, won't it? Am I turning socialist now? My clicks took me to sites describing the situation in Darfur. I can't believe what the countries whose people throw away all their cents on streets can do and not doing enough. These cents I guess can't stop the war but sure can fill a child's stomach for a meal. So thank you whoever and however I got the 3cents from.

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