Saturday, April 28, 2007

Winners and Losers of the world cup 2007

The best is always the one but winners can be many. The three winners and three losers of the World Cup 2007 are:

# Three Winners:
1. Australia - They are leaps and bounds ahead of the second best team. They show how cricket should be played.
2. Sri Lanka - They truly are the second best team. The body language and the spirit of fight demonstrated by this team is unparalleled.
3. Bangladesh - They have barged in the league with some emphatic passion.

# Three Losers:
1. Pakistan - With open religious overtures and inside betting scandals, they have hurt the game of Cricket as has never been seen before.
2. India - The less said the better.
3. South Africa - The team with brilliance does not know how to make a kill when it needs to be. The best chance they had in the recent times was spoiled by some over confidence and panic.

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