Friday, April 06, 2007

The Sanjaya effect

So people are bashing him, doing weird protests, cursing Howard Stern and made the mean Simon a darling of the audience. The reasons given for Sanjaya's success is even funnier:
1. Indians are voting for him in mass: He is half Italian too so could there be Italian mafia behind it? Indians don't even go to vote for their political leaders, I don't understand why would they vote for Sanjaya in mass. BTW, I only voted twice - First for Sundance Head and the second for Melinda Doolittle and I don't see any Indian in them. Look at me (->), I am.

2. Call center employees in India are making phoney calls: The number of call center employees should only be in a few thousand. Was Cricket World Cup debacle not enough to keep them occupied?

3. Its Howard again - the evil: Around 33 million people voted for American Idol which is 10 times more than the total audience base of Sirius. Don't blame him. Ask your neighbor who listens Howard Stern and see if he voted?

4. He is worst of all: No he isn't. Remember what Tony Bennett said about him? He dares to be different. He does not challenge the judges he challenges himself, A pretty rare quality for an entertainer. I don't think he is the best (C'mon Melinda is left) but if he was the worst then he would have been in the last three. He was not.

5. He doesn't deserve to be there: Every single one of them deserve to be there who qualified

Leave him alone and enjoy the show.


Linda said...

I read somewhere that most Indian people despised him. Did you hear that he went to a Correspondents Association Dinner at the White House? To this I say...Why? ;-)

ashish said...

Not really. Sometimes the immigrants go against "their likes" to show that they belong in the "mainstream" even if they don't believe in it. Not only Indians but its a very common mentality in most of the immigrants. I even have seen the same in Americans or British who visit outside and criticize their own countries' policies. Same thing really. The mind always seeks safety.

Linda said...

Good point.

During his audition w/ his sister, I thought they sounded pretty good. Tho', I don't consider myself a "Fanjaya". I think he needs to work on vocal strength -- seems like his singing originates from his throat as opposed to his diaphragm.